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Child Nutrician Program

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The Child Nutrician Program at Greenwood Elementary provides nutritious breakfasts and lunches to promote learning readiness and healthy eating behaviors for all our students.

The free and reduced lunch program will be available to those students who return their completed application and qualify for the program.

Students who are required to pay for meals will do so to their teacher by the day, week or month.

Daily Breakfast/Lunch Prices

Student Breakfast Student Lunch

$ .85                     $2.00

Reduced Breakfast Reduced Lunch

$ .30                     $ .40



7:30 AM to 7:50 AM


Check with your child’s teacher for the exact time his/her class eats lunch.

Other programs offered by the CNP are:

The After School Snack Program, which provides nutritious snacks to children enrolled in our enrichment programs after the regular school day, and

The Summer Program, which provides morning snacks & hot lunches to our students when regular school is not in session.