Kids Heart Challenge

Jump Rope For Heart

The Kids Heart Challenge promotes the value of physical activity to our students while showing them they can contribute to the community's welfare. This is a time when the students can establish a foundation for movement skills. These are also the years when positive learning experiences can help establish a positive attitude and appreciation for participating in regular, daily physical activity for life.

The Kids Heart Challenge helps fund research and educational programs that impact our community -- an important reason to participate. But the best reason of all to join this event is that kids love it!

How Does The Kids Heart Challenge Benefit Our School

The Kids Heart Challenge...

  • is a great service learning project that offers students a terrific way to learn about volunteering.   
  • integrates physical activity and critical thinking skills as students help plan, organize and participate in the event.   
  • encourages cross-age cooperative activity.   
  • provides a fun way to meet physical education standards.  
  • gives our school gift certificates for physical education equipment based on dollars raised.   
  • extends heart-healthy lessons into the classroom.

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